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Welcome to unique Turkmen carpets online shop, since early 2000 we are running this business  and since 2010 two enthusiasts started this online project, geography of sales is from USA and up to JAPAN. We guaranty 100% of customer satisfaction and quality of our carpets. Currently we have 3 stores and own manufactury. All carpets on our website are export licensed , as well we take care of all export procedures and guaranty shipping products within shortest time possible. 


Offers you genuine hand-made 100% wool and silk Turkmen carpets. We don’t sell any carpets that are machine done or not of Turkmenistan origin. Turkmen carpets is best synergy o price and quality , each carpet is perfect investment, as the times pases it gets antique. All of our carpets are unique. Only thing you should do before placing an order e-mail us to get an confirmation that carpet you have chosen is in stock.